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keeping Nordic mythology alive

The heart of Grand Hótel Reykjavík is beating with wisdom from Hávamál (Sayings of the high one) that is presented as a single poem in the Poetic Edda.

When walking through the main entrance of the Grand Hotel Reykjavík you are greeted with the creation of the world by Völuspá (Prophecy of the Völva) a phenomenal glass artwork by the Icelandic artist Leifur Breiðfjörð. 



Völuspá is the first and best known poem of the poetic Edda. In Völuspá, Óðinn, the greatest of the gods, raises a far-sighted giantess, Völva, from the dead to interrogate her about the gods' fate. Her prophecy is a history of the world from its beginnings to the Ragnarök (destruction of the gods) and beyond.

Grand Hotel Reykjavík takes great pride in Miðgarður, its reception area. Miðgarður is the name of one of the nine worlds in Norse cosmology and the home of humans protected by Thor, the God of Thunder, and his Hammer.

Miðgarður (or Midgard) roughly translates to "middle earth" or "middle place" and is surrounded by a vast, impassable ocean of water.


Our front desk is decorated with poems from from Hávamál.

Let a man hold the cup,
yet of the mead drink moderately,
speak sensibly or be silent.
As of a fault no man will admonish thee,
if thou goest betimes to sleep

Something great
is not (always) to be given,
praise is often for a trifle bought.
With half a loaf
and a tilted vessel
I got myself a comrade

miðgarður (midgard)

In Norse mythology, the name for the wall around the world that the gods made from the eyebrows of the giant Ymir is also known as Miðgarður. It was constructed as a defence against the Jotuns who lived in Jotunheim. Our guests at Grand Hótel Reykjavík dwell well protected within Miðgarður.

Miðgarður in Grand Hotel Reykjavík is designed in the theme of Nordic mythology with modern furnishings and a glass ceiling high above. It also represents Iceland‘s prodigious natural sources of water, fire and ice with its waterfall, fireplace and glass flooring.

At the Bar in Miðgarður, you can enjoy a drink or two while reading how the magnaminous Óðinn wants us to drink and drink well.

We welcome you to join us and experience the Nordic mythology at Grand Hotel Reykjavík.