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Challenge Iceland event at Grand Hotel Reykjavík

The Challenge trilathon event will be held next weekend and Grand Hotel Reykjavík is one of the main sponsors

The Challenge Iceland competition will be held for the first time here in Iceland on the 20th to 23rd of July. The event is among the biggest in the half-trilathon industry and has been held all over the world as it also attracts many of the greatest trilathon athletes in the world.

Hotels of Iceland is one of the main sponsors of the event. One of our hotels, Grand Hotel Reykjavík, will host many of the competition‘s sub-events such as press conferences, check-in and Expos.

For this spectacular event, many of the best trilathon contestants in the world will make their way to Iceland from all over the world. The competition it self will be held in the beautiful settings of Meðalfellsvatn, only 30 minutes away from Reykjavík.