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Vision and mission at Grand Hotel Reykjavík

Grand Hotel Reykjavík is a first class conference hotel with a top quality restaurant. Our service is friendly, personal and family oriented. We aim to generate a feeling of comfort and ease while providing all of our services with excellence and enthusiasm.

The Nordic Ecolabel - Grand Hotel Reykjavík

Grand Hotel Reykjavík conforms with the Nordic Ecolabeling criteria for hotels. The label is the official Ecolabel in the Nordic region, guaranteeing that the highest standards regarding environmental, health, functionality and quality requirements have been met.
The hotel works continuously to reduce the environmental impact concerning everything from how to lower energy and water usage to minimizing our use of chemical products and recycling our refuse.
We continually improve our environmental standards.


Grand Hotel Reykjavík has got a 4-star rating, a Gold-Class environmental rating and a restaurant certificate from Vakinn, the official quality and environmental system within Icelandic tourism. The star rating criteria for hotels is based on the criteria compiled by Hotelstars Union - At the present time 15 European countries are classifying hotels according to the criteria from Hotelstars.

What does Vakinn do? Vakinn ensures that quality, safety and environmental awareness is of the highest standards in all aspects of business practises. Quality is a key foundation for success in the business of tourism. Vakinn makes sure that businesses maintain the highest standards, get the compliment for what they deserve and guidance in what they can do better. 

Environmental Policy

The Grand Hotel Reykjavík practices vigilance regarding environmental matters, determined to be a role model while constantly working toward the following goals:

Reducing energy consumption

  • Always using LED and energy saving lightbulbs
  • Purchasing energy saving equipment
  • Reducing energy consumption

Ecological purchasing 

Reducing unsorted waste

  • Limiting single use or small packaged products if possible
  • Sorting all waste and sending it for recycling. At the moment we have 11 different categories for waste sorting
  • Provide easy management for waste sorting for guests and employees
  • Limiting use of chemicals and using soap dispensers

Reducing water consumption

  • Using water saving equipment
  • Constantly monitoring equipment settings as well as water consumption in the kitchen, laundry and gym

Environmental education and information

  • Providing customers with information on the hotel‘s environmental efforts to promote a positive environmental impact
  • Ensuring our staff is informed of the hotel‘s environmental policy and trained to work accordingly.
  • Keep up with current environmental issues and promote general awareness


Certified organic products

Grand Hotel Reykjavík complies with the increasing guest requirements for organic food items and insures that our products listed as organic have been certified by independent authorities.

We offer our guests the following: a daily breakfast section with certified organic products including a certified organic “mini“ breakfast for meetings and a certified organic breakfast for individual groups. Certified organic coffee breaks are also available for afternoon meetings.

At Grand Hotel Reykjavík we actively source local products for our kitchen and strive to use Icelandic organic herbs and vegetables when available.

Whenever possible we purchase environmentally certified products and services.

Start Your Day with a Healthy Organic “I love me“ Breakfast

At the Grand Hotel Reykjavik you can have organic food, which is produced naturally under eco-friendly conditions.

Every morning an organic breakfast buffet awaits guests in the section marked: "Grand Organic Breakfast." You can choose organic fruits and vegetables, lactose-free organic rice milk and yogurt, organic muesli and cereal, gluten-free bread and a selection of organic tea, coffee and juices.

Love Food - Hate Waste at Grand Hotel Reykjavík

Today‘s food waste is preventable. According to the European Consumers‘ Organization, wasted food is a huge problem, equaling about a third of the food intended for consumption. In Europe alone about 90 million tons of food, 180 kilograms per person, is wasted yearly.

According to British research on food waste, people throw away a third of the food they bring into the home. Of that, about 60% was still good for comsumption.

Guests offered to recycle broken electronic appliances

Hotel Reykjavik and Græn Framtíð have signed a contract on recycling of old small electronic appliances. Hotel guests can place their obsolete and broken small electronic appliances for recycling in a collection box located in the hotel‘s reception area. This includes items such as: mobile phones, laptops, tablets, cameras, MP3 players and other similar appliances.

To our knowledge, Grand Hotel Reykjavík is the world‘s first hotel to offer this service.