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About grand hotel reykjavík

The Grand Hotel Reykjavík is situated in a quiet area, adjacent to downtown Reykjavík, just a short distance from all services, recreational and business centers.

We recommend a stroll through Laugardalur’s free entry Botanical Garden, adorned with woods, ponds and birdlife. If you start feeling a bit chilly or hungry, for that matter, you can stop by the indoor garden where you can get a warm drink and a light meal. But, there is more, Reykjavík Park and Zoo is also situated in Laugardalur.

Next to the Grand Hotel Reykjavík is a strangely shaped, domed white building exhibiting Reykjavík Art Museum’s Ásmundarsafn Sculpture Collection. The building was once the studio of Ásmundur Sveinsson (1893-1982), a pioneer of Icelandic sculpture. In addition to his works displayed inside the museum, a sculpture garden outside contains many of his monumental works. The Grand Hotel Reykjavík offers a complementary shuttle bus service into Reykjavík city centre.

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Reykjavik, one of the smallest capital cities in the world

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Eruption Update

Little changes in the eruption between days, no ash-fall detected, no danger to people or properties, all airports are open and no disturbances to flights are expected.

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